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About Knode 




Our Approach to Business is Centered Around Learning Your Business & Growing With You

Helping B2B Businesses Grow. That is the sole reason why Knode exists. It’s really all you need to know. Seriously, here is our number 312-270-0200 – let’s get started! With that said, here is a little more about us:

The Agency’s beginnings came from where all good ideas come from – necessity. We had a B2B IT company that we wanted to grow and knew figuring out lead generation was the quickest path to success. After years of testing, developing, and working at it we figured it out! We figured out B2B! And once we did other businesses kept coming to us asking to help them with their lead generation. Apparently, lots of B2B companies have issues with lead generation (who would have guessed?). After much debate, we decided not helping these other business owners would go against our core values. Building businesses may be our passion, but helping others create the best versions of themselves is our real purpose in life.

We are humbled every time we have the ability to share in the journey of a company’s growth. Having the front row seat when it comes to watching others succeed is why we get up in the morning to make the donuts.

Just like every company you need sales to grow your business. It doesn’t matter how great your service or product is or how friendly and easy going you are – lead generation is the cornerstone to any successful business.

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